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PRESERVATION STATUS: Restored. Material exists at The UCLA Film Archive.

Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. January 5, 1929 (copyright: January 5, 1929; LP25985). Sd eff & music score (Movietone); b&w. 35mm. 13 reels, 12,267 ft. (Also si.)

Producer: Lucien Hubbard. Directed by: William A. Wellman. Screenplay: Hope Loring, Louis D. Lighton. Titles: Julian Johnson. Story: John Monk Saunders. Photography: Harry Perry. Aditional Photography: E. Burton Steene, Cliffn Blackston, Russell Harland, Bert Baldridge, Frank Cotner, Faxon M. Dean, Ray Olsen, Herman Schoop, L. Guy Wilky, Al Williams. Film Editor: Lucien Hubbard. Musical Score: J.S. Zamecnik. Song: "WIngs" J.S. Zamecnik, Ballard MacDonald. Assistant Director: Norman Z. McLeaod. Superviser Flying Sequences: S.C. Campbell, Ted Parson, Carl von Hartmann, James A. Healy, Stills Photography: Otto Dyar.

Cast: Clara Bow (Mary Preston), Charles (Buddy) Rogers (Jack Powell), Richard ARlen (David Armstrong), Jobyna Ralston (Sylvia Lewis)j, Gary Cooper (Cadet White), Arlette Marchal (Celeste), El Brendel (Patrick O'Brien), Gunboat Smith (The Sergeant), Richard Tucker (air commander), Julia Swayne Gordon (Mrs. Armstrong), Henry B. Walthall (Mr. Armstrong), George Irving(Mr. Powell), Hedda Hopper (Mrs. Powell), Nigel De Brulier (peasant), Dick Grace, Rod Rogers (aviators).

WAR DRAMA: During the Great War, Jack Powell and David Armstrong, two boys in love with the same girl, Sylvia Lewis, enlist in the Army Air Corps and are sent to basic training together. Their acrimonious rivalry soon turns to mutual respect, and they become the best of friends. At the front in France, they heljp to bring down a German fighter plane and are rewarded with leave in Paris, where they encounter Mary Preston, a vivacious young girl from theri hometown who is in France as an ambulance driver. As the result of a tactical emergency, all leaves are canceled, and since Jack is too drunk to return to his unit, Mary sees that he gets back safely but must compromise her reputation to do so. David is shot down in enemy territory and reported dead. j Jack goes into the air to avenge his death and shoots down a plane with German markings, later discovering to his horror that the plane was piloted by David, who had survived the Germ;an manhunt and stolen it from an airfield. Jack returns home a reluctant hero and marries Mary. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films".)

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