Encore Pictures. Distributed by: Associated Exhibitors. February 21, 1926 (copyright: January 22, 1926; LU22288). Silent b&w. 35mm. 6 reels, 5,465 ft.

Directed by: Nat Ross. Scenario: Reginald G. Gogwell. Photographed by: Andre Barlatier. Film Editor: Gene Milford.

Cast: George Fawcett (John Hammis), Allan Forrest (James Radley), Clara Bow (Dorothy Hammis), Wallace MacDonald (Robert MacWorth), Vola Vale (Mimi).

SOCIETY MELODRAMA. Source: Gerald Mygatt, "Two Can Play," in "Saturday Evening Post (194:20-21; 25 Feb-4 Mar 1922)

John Hammis, a wealthy financier, disapproves of James Radley, his daughter Dorothy's choice for a fiance, and hires Robert MacWorth, an ex-aviator, to try to find something in Radley's past or present conduct that will discredit him in her eyes. MacWorth suspects Radley of larcenous intentions and places some valuable peearls within his easy reach, believing that he can catch Radley in the act of stealing them. This plan fails, and MacWorth arranges for Dorothy, Radley, and himself to be stranded together on a desert isle. There, contrary to all expectations, Radley proves himself to be the better man, overcoming both the forces of nature and MacWorth. Dorothy and Radley are then wed. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films".)