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Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. December 8, 1928 (copyright: December 7, 1928; LP25909). Silent; b&w. 35mm. 6 reels, 5,962 ft.

Directed by: Clarence Badger. Screenplay: Louise Long, Percy Heath, Sam Mintz. Titles: Paul Perez, Herman Mankiewicz. Adaptation: John Farrow. Story: Elinor Glyn. Photographed by Harold Rosson. Film Editor: Tay Malarkey. Dance numbers staged by: Fanchon & Marco.

Cast: Clara Bow (Gladys O'Brien), Neil Hamilton (James Gordon), Harrison Ford (Turner), Lucille Powers (Miss Withersopoon), Julia Swayne Gordon (Mrs. Witherspoon), Jack Raymond (Turner's secretary), Edythe Chapman (Ma O'Brien), Guy Oliver (Pa O'Brien), William Holden (Carter).


Chorus Girl Gladys O'Brien falls gard for apparently wealthy JamesGordon, an insurance salesman who is trying hard to sell a policy to Turner, a Broadway playboy. Turner invites Gladys to a weekend party at his country house, and she accepts, hoping to persuade Turner to sign James's policy. James crashes the affair and punches Turner in the nose. He and Gladys start back to the city together, and James tells her that, in reality, he is as poor as a churchmouse. To add to his financial woes, James loses his job for hitting Turner. Gladys uses her charms to have him rehired and then genteelly blackmails Turner into signing the insurance policy written up by James. James sees them together and make plans to be married. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films".)


*November 27-28. Positively the best from Clara to date, pleased those who saw it. A real tonic for Old Man Box Office. Book it and boost it. (Victoria theatre, Mount Olive, N. C.Small town patronage.)

*After a period of dullness in December, this helped cheer up the box office a bit the latter part of Christmas week. A clever actress with a clever story well handled, a combination carrying a good audience appeal. (Isis theatre, Ashland, Neb.-General patronage.)

* December 20-21. Patrons said good. Nary a walkout. Give us some more. (Palace theatre, Malta, Mont.-General patronage.)