Associated Exhibitors. January 24, 1926 (copyright: January 22, 1926; LU22286) Silent; b&w. 35mm. 5 reels, 4,526 ft.

Produced by Arthur Beck, Leah Baird. Directed by: Wallace Worsley. Scenario: Leah Baird, Grover Jones. Photographed by: Ray June.

Cast: Clara Bow (Mary Brophy), Forrest Stanley (James Reynolds), Stuart Holmes (Carl Lingard), Ralph Lewis (Charles Brophy), William V. Mong ("Twist" Egan), J. Emmett Beck (Kid Martin), Adele Farrington (aunt), Eddie Lyons (crook), George Cooper (chauffeur).

MELODRAMA: Source: Harry Chapman Ford, "Two Gates" (publication undetermined)

Mary Brophy, who was railroaded into prison for a crime she did not commit, is released from stir and returns to San Francisco, where she falls in love with James Reynolds, a handsome millionaire who knows nothing of her past. Lingard, a sometime nobleman and art connoisseur who framed Mary on a theft charge, tries to make her his mistress and, when she refuses, exposes her "criminal" past at a post reception. One of Lingard's cronies, angered at his treatment of Mary, then exposes him as a thief and murderer, producing a confession that exonerates Mary and clears the way for her future happiness with Reynolds. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films".)