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Famous Players-Lasky. Distributed by: Paramount Pictures April 5, 1926 (copyright: April 6, 1926; LP22578). Silent; b&w. 35mm. 7 reels, 6,218 ft.

Presented by Aldolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky. Directed by William C. De Mille. Adapted by: Albert Shelby Le Vino. Photographed by: Charles Boyle.

Cast: Clara Bow (Cynthia Meade), Warner Baxter (Wade Murrell), William Powell (Jack Harrison), George Bancroft (Lesher Skidmore), Edythe Chapman (Wade's mother).

MELODRAMA. Source: Charles Neville Buck, "The Flight to the Hills" (Garden City, New York: 1926).

Cynthia, an ambitious young film actress who seeks advancement through Jack Harrison, flees the movie location in Tennessee when Jack is shot by an accidental pistol discharge, knowing she will be unable to prove her innocence of the act. Wade Murrell, a Kentucky mountaineer, finds her lying in the road and agrees to help her across the state border into Kentucky; she accepts his protection, and he takes her to his home. Lesher Skidmore, leader of a clan opposed to the Murrells, promotes strife against Murrell by announcing the arrival of a "painted woman," but Wade protects her against his enemies. Just a Cynthia, sensing Wade's growing love, decides to leave, Harrison arrives, becomes friends with Wade, and saves his live in a feuding clash. Jack asks the girl to return and marry him; Wade accedes; but at the last minute Cynthia decides in favor of Wade. (Information from "The American Film Institute of Feature Films").