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PRESERVATION STATUS: UPDATED: 9/8/98. David Stenn has funded full restoration of this feature. Recently, this beautiful multi-tinted feature was shown at The UCLA Film Festival.
Title: Parisian love / B.P. Schulberg Productions ; director, Louis Gasnier ; adaptation, Lois Hutchinson ; story, F. Oakley Crawford. Publisher: 1925. Notes: Silent feature. Credits supplied from: AFI catalog, 1921-1930. Credit: Photography, Allen Siegler. Performers: Clara Bow (Marie); Donald Keith (Armand); Lillian Leighton (La Frouchard); James Gordon Russell (D'Avril); Hazel Keener (Margot); Lou Tellegen (Pierre Marcel); Jean De Briac (the knifer); Otto Matiesen (apache leader); Alyce Mills (Jean D'Arcy).

Melodrama: Marie and Armand, dancers in a Paris nightclub, set out to rob the home of Pierre Marcel, a wealthy scientist, taking The Knifer along with them. Marcel walks in on them unexpectedly, and Armand is wounded, with the result that The Knifer is restrained from killing the scientist. The grateful Marcel nurses Armand back to health and introduces him to the beautiful Jean. Marie becomes jealous and lures Marcel into marriage, immediately afterward telling him of her cruel deception. Armand returns from abroad, and Marie flies into his arms. Marie's apache friends, who helped her deceive Marcel, attempt to kill Armand and instead accidentally shoot her. Armand nurses nher back to health, and Marcel leaves to get a divorce that will free Marie to find happiness with Armand. (from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films")

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