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B.P. Schulberg Productions. Distributed by: Preferred Pictures November 16, 1923 (Newark, N.J., showing: released December 11. Copyright: November 21, 1923; LP19631). Silent; b&w. 35mm. 8reels, 7,500 ft.

Presented by B.P. Schulberg. Directed by: Louis Gasnier. Adapted by: Olga Printzlau. Photographed by: Karl Struss.

Cast: Ethel Shannon (Ottilie Van Zandt/Ottilie, the granddaughter), Harrison Ford (Richard Wayne/Richard, the grandson), William Norris (Matthew), Clara Bow (Alice Tremaine), Wallace MacDonald (Claude Van Zandt), Josef Swickard (Colonel Van Zandt), Martha Mattox (Mathilda), Betty Francisco (Ermintrude), Robert McKim (Monte Mitchell).

ROMANTIC DRAMA. Source: Rida Johnson Young and Sigmund Romberg, "Maytime" (New York opening: August 16, 1917).

Ottilie Van Zandt, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy colonel, loves the gardener's son, Richard Wayne, but is forced by her family to marry her cousin, Claude. Richard leaves before the wedding, vowing to return wealthy and to marry Ottilie, but, since she is already married when he does return, Richard marries Alice Tremaine on impulse. Years later, to save Ottilie, a lonely widow, from being evicted, Richard purchases her house at auction and gives it to her. Two generations later, Ottilie, the granddaughter of the first Ottilie, lives in the old house and teaches dancing. Richard Wayne, grandson of the first Richard, is a wealthy young man of the jazz set, who thinks of Ottilie as a little old-fashioned but has affection for her. Their friendship culminates in a romance and marriage that began years before with their grandparents. (Information from "The American Film Institute of Feature Films")