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Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. June 30, 1928 (copyright: June 30, 1928; LP25428). Silent, b&w, 35mm. 7 reels, 6,792 ft.

Directed by: William Wellman. Scenario: John Farrow. Titles: George Marion. Adaptation: Oliver H.P. Garrett. Photographed by: Henry Gerrard. Film Editor: Alyson Shaffer.

Cast: Clara Bow (Yvonne), Richard Arlen ("Red"), Helen Lynch (Marie), Mary Alden ("Soft Annie"), Carl Gerrard (Joe), Bodil Rosing (The Mother), Lorraine Rivero (Little Yvonne), James Pierce (The Officer).

CROOK MELODRAMA. Source: Ernest Booth, "Ladies of the Mob," in "American Mercury (12:399-407, Dec 1927).

Yvonne, a girl whose father was electrocuted when she was a child, is brought up by her mother to be a crook and to avenge her father's death by living outside the law. She falls in love with "Red," her partner in crime. Fearing that the electric chair will separate them, she tries to make him reform. Failing this, she shoots him in the shoulder when he tries to be included in a bank robbery. They give themselves up to pay the penalty and to start life anew without the constant fear of apprehension by the law. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films".)