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Warner Brothers Pictures. August 1, 1925 (copyright: April 23, 1925; LP21387). Silent; b&w. 35mm. 7 reels, 6,722 ft.

Director: Ernst Lubitsch. Scenario: Hans Kraly. Photographed by: Charles Van Enger.

Cast: Marie Prevost (Loulou Fleury), Monte Blue (Gaston Fleury), John Roche (Maurice Ferriere), Clara Bow (Grizette), Willard Louis (Avocat Dubois).

DOMESTIC COMEDY: Source: Victorien Sardou and Emile de Najac. "Cyprienne" or "Divorcons" (Paris, 1883).

Gaston Fleury's wife, Loulou, takes a perfunctory interest in music but a deeper one in a musician named Maurice. Although Gaston has no intention of releasing his wife into the hands of Maurice, he feigns willingness to give Loulou a divorce. Loulou then becomes bored with Maurice, and clever maneuvering on the part of Gaston brings her to want desperately a reconciliation with him. He happily fulfills her wish. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films".)

(Variety:)"Another tribute to the art of farcical direction by Ernst Lubitsch. He has turned out a production that will delight all picture fans. It is just suggestive enough at times to make the flappers rave about it and contains sufficient comedy in spots to have thme in roars of laughter. It is a picture that is designed principally for the spohisticated, but still broad enough in its humor to be appreciated almost by anyone. In the bigger towns it should be surefire at the boxoffice.

"One of its virtues is that it is enacted by a short cast with the principal trio of players always in the foreground. They are Marie Prevost, Monte Blue and John Roche. Clara Bow absolutely triumphs in the role of a lawyer's steno..." It is well acted, delightfully directed and edited without a wasted foot of film, and on the whole is a picture that should get box office returns."

One of the years 10 best films.