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PRESERVATION STATUS: A fully restored print exists at MoMA and Eastman House.

Famous Players-Lasky. Distributed by: Paramount Pictures. October 4,1926 (copyright: October 5,1926; LP23182). Silent; b&w. 35mm. 9 reels, 8,565 ft. (Also 6 reels, 5,650 ft)

Presented by: Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky. Assoc Producer: B.P. Schulberg. Directed by: Frank Tuttle. Screenplay: Tom Gibson. Scenario: Luther Reed. Titles: George Marion, Jr. Photographed by: Victor Milner.

Cast: Eddie Cantor (Kid Boots), Clara Bow (Jane Martin), Billie Dove (Polly Pendleton), Lawrence Gray (Tom Sterling), Natalie Kingston (Carmen Mendoza), Malcolm Waite (George Fitch), William Worthington (Polly's father), Harry von Meter (Carmen't lawyer), Fred Esmelton (Tom's lawyer)

COMEDY: Source: William Anthony McGuire. Otto Harbach, and J.P. McCarthy, "Kid Boots: a Musical Comedy (New York opening: December 31, 1923).

Following a football celebration, Tom Sterling is tricked into marrying Carmen Mendoza, a chorus girl; and while awaiting a divorce decree, he unexpectedly inherits $3 million. Tom rescues Kid Boots, a tailor's helper, from the irate clutches of a customer; and The Kid follows him to his apartment, where Carmen tries to prove that her marriage is a success so that she may share the fortune. Tome's lawyer, so as to deter Carmen from further demonstrations, advises him to keep The Kid nearby. Under an assumed name, Tom becomes a golf professional, and Kid Boots is made caddy-master. The Kid falls for Jane Martin, a swimming instructor, but she rejects him when he pretends to flirt whith Carmen. Finally, Tom persuades Jane to help him; and with the aid of horses, mules, airplanes, and autos, she and The Kid arrive at the courthouse in time to clear Tom. (NOTE: The longer version reflects the information from the Paramount press book. The shortened version of the film apparently opened in New York on October 9). (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films".)

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