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Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. August 27, 1927(copyright: August 1927; LP24340). Silent; b&w. 35mm. 6 reels, 5,862 ft.

Presented by: Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky. Associate Producer: B.P. Schulberg. Directed by: Victor Fleming. Screenplay: Ethel Doherty. Titles: George Marion, Jr. Adaptation: Doris Anderson. Photographed by: William Marshall. Film Editor: Eda Warren. Assistant Director: Henry Hathaway.

Cast: Clara Bow ("Hula" Calhoun), Clive Brook (Anthony Haldane), Arlette Marchal (Mrs. Bane), Arnold Kent (Harry Dehan), Maude Truax (Margaret Haldane), Albert Gran (Old BillCalhoun), Agostino Borgato (Uncle Edwin).

ROMANTIC DRAMA. Source: Armine von Tempski, "Hula, a Romance of Hawaii" (New York, 1927).

"Hula" Calhoun, the daughter of a Hawaiian Planter, sidesteps the dissolute influence of her father through the guidance of her Uncle Edwin, who prefers a more natural existence to the society life of the family. although Hula is adored by Harry Dehan, a boisterous rounder, she becomes infatuated with Anthony Haldane, a young English engineer who comes to supervise the construction of a dam on the estate. Haldane remains distant, however; and when saving her from a runaway horse, he informs her that he is married. At her birthday party, the broken-hearted girl turns to Dehan, and in a drunken frenzy she provokes Haldane by her dancing; he then promises to obtain a divorce, but Mrs. Haldane appears. Hula jealously bribes the foreman to dynamite a spot near the dam, convincing the wife that her husband is ruined. Haldane's wife agrees to the divorce, and he is free to marry Hula. (Information from "American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films".)

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