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PRESERVATION STATUS: Incomplete print (missing 1 or 2 reels) exists at The Library of Congress.
Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. December 7, 1927 (copyright: December 10, 1927; LP24739). Silent; b&w. 35mm. 6reels, 5718 ft.

Presented by Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky. Assoc. Producer: B.P. Schulberg. Director: Dorothy Arzner. Editing Director: Louis D. Lighton. Screenplay: Hope Loring. Titles: George Marion, Jr. Cont.: Agnes Brand Leahy. Photographed by: Alfred Gilks.

Cast: Clara Bow (Nancy Worthington), Charles Rogers (Robert De Bellecontre), Josef Swickard (Duc de Bellecontre), Josephine Dunn(Simone de Villeneuve), Harvey Clarke (Marquis de Villeneuve), Frances Raymond (Mrs. Worthington).

ROMANTIC COMEDY: Source: Louis Verneuil, "Tu m'epouseras! (Paris: 1932).

Betrothed during infancy to Robert de Bellecontre, Simone de Villeneuve is about to become his bride 17 years later when Robert meets nancy Worthington, an American visiting Paris, and they are locked in a waxworks museum overnight. Love blossoms, but when Robert confesses his engagement to Simone, Nancy tearfully exits. Later, at the Bellecontre chateau, Nancy stages a false automobile wreck and gains entrance to the house, she learns that Simone is actually in love with her father's secretary buyt finds breaking her engagement unthinkable. Nancy engineers a proposal from Simone's father and agrees to marry the marquis only if his daughter's engagement to Robert is broken; he agrees, and Robert refuses to speak to her. But she stages a mock struggle in Robert's room, causing his father to demand that Robert marry Nancy to protect the family name. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films")

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