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Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. September 15, 1928 (copyright: September 20, 1928; LP25632). Musical Score (Movietone); b&w. 35mm. 8 reels, 6,918 ft.

Directed by: Malcolm St. Clair. Titles: George Marion. Story-Scenario: Monte Brice, J. Walter Ruben. Photographed by: Harry Fischbeck. Film Editing: B.F. Zeidman.

Cast: Clara Bow (Beaches Deane), James Hall (Eddie Briggs), Jack Oakie (Searchlight Doyle), Bodil Rosing (Mrs. Deane), Eddie Dunn (Al Pearce), Jean Laverty (Betty), Dan Wolheim (Double-Duty Duffy), Richard Carle (Judge Hartley), Joseph Girard (commandant).


The Pacific Fleet comes into port, and the girls from the Roseland Dance Hall come dockside to wish the boys welcome. Eddie Briggs, a self-styled sailor sheik, is greatly attracted by Peaches Deane, a dime-a-dance girl with a heart of gold. That evening, Eddie goes to Roseland, and he and Peaches win a dance contest. He takes her home, gets fresh, and is shown the gate. Back on board ship, Eddie realizes that he loves Peaches and returns to Roseland to find her wearing Doyle's ring. There is a brawl, and Eddie is arrested. Peaches takes the blame for the fight, however, and Eddie is freed. He must leave immediately with the fleet, but he promises to return for her. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films.")