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Famous Players-Lasky. Distributed by: Paramount Pictures. March 17, 1926 (New York special showing; released August 23, 1926; copyright: August 23, 1926; LP23043). Silent; b&w. 35mm. 7 reels, 6,882 ft.

Presented by: Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky. Directed by Sam Wood. Scenario: Paul Schofied. Story: Byron Morgan. Photographed by: Leo Tover.

Cast: Charles Rogers (Teddy Ward), Ivy Harris (Jeanne King), Jack Luden (Ross Page), Walter Goss (Randy Furness), Claud Buchanan (Bobby Stearns), Mona Palma (Dotty Sinclair), Thelma Todd(Lorraine Lane), Josephine Dunn (Loris Lane), Thelda Kenvin (Betty Kent)Jeanne Morgan (Mae Oliver), Dorothy Nourse (Mary Arnold), Irving Hartley (Johnnie), Gregory Blackton (Frederick Maine), Robert Andrews ("Duke" Slade), Charles Brokaw (Gregory), Iris Gray (Sally Lee), Ralph Lewis (John Ward), Joseph Burke (Ward's secretary), James Bradbury, Sr. (The Professor), Harry Sweet (The Sheriff), William Black (deputy sheriff), Richard Dix, Adolphe Menjou, Clara Bow, Lois Wilson, Percy Marmont, Chester Conklin, Thomas Meighan, Lila Lee, Lewis Milestone, Malcolm St. Clair (themselves).


Teddy Ward, son of a wealthy hotel owner, falls in love with Jeanne King, a Greenwich Village sketch artist, though his father favors a match with Loris Lane, a society girl. On the condition that he is successful in reviving business at his father's mountain resort, he may, however, marry the girl of his choice. With the aid of his friends, Teddy launches an advertising stunt involving an iceboat contest, but the plan is opposed by his father; then, in desperation, he invites a group of movie stars to the hotel. When the stars plead previous engagements, his friends try to help by disguising themselves as stars. but Jeanne, who has been sketching at a studio, arrives with half a dozen famous actors. Although Teddy's father has refused to pay the prize money, the iceboat race takes place; and Teddy is forced to race against Slade, a champion, and win his own race to save face. Mr. Ward forgives him and announces his approval of Jeanne. NOTE: The "stars" of the film include the 1926 graduating class of the first Paramount School for Stars, known as the Junior Stars of 1926. (Information taken from "The American Film Institute Cataloge of Feature Films".)