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(Variety Film Reviews 1921-1925): "Just an ordinary picture for Tom Mix that will neither hurt nor improve his standing among the enthusiasts. Extremely faulty projection failed to help the presentation at this house Sunday afternoon. Everyone's eyes were swimming. This was due to a poor focus which must have gone uncorrected for around 500 feet. A bad "break" for any film, and expecially deplorable in a Broadway house.

Mix frolics through this screen epic as a wealthy heir whose hobby is musical instruments. Having been left a Colorado land tract he investigates when informed his manager is getting in some underhand work. The cleaning out of the schemers, while hiding his own identity, takes up a majority of the running time, during which he wins the daughter of the most oppressed rancher.

The action opens in New Orleans with flashes of the Mardi Gras after which the locale is the west, much riding during chases and the exploding of a dam for a water finish.

Opposite Mix is Clara Bow, not too convincing as the steel-nerved western girl. Other than the star the picture really belongs to Tom Wilson, as Mix's colored butler, who holds up the chain of events when the story indicates a weakness. Were it not for the comedy angle the picture would be decidedly anemic.

Fairly fast after it once gets away, this release should fill the requirements of Mix fans. He's turned out better and worse than this."