the adventurous sex



Howard Estabrook Productions. Distributed by: Associated Exhibitors. June 12, 1925 (New York showing). Silent; b&w. 35mm. 6 reels.

Director: Charles Giblyn. Scenario: Carl Stearns Clancy. Story: Hamilton Mannin. Photographed by: George Peters. Sets: Tec-Art Studios.

Cast: Clara Bow (The Girl), Herbert Rawlinson (Her Sweetheart), Earle Williams (The Adventurer), Harry T. Morey (Her Father), Mabel Beck (Her Mother), Flora Finch (The Grandmother), Joseph Burke.


When a man spends too much time tinkering with his airplane, his sweetheart gives him the air and begins to enjoy the wild life, taking up with a lecherous charmer. This adventurer forces his way into her hotel room and then calls to his buddies to come on in, badly compromising the girl's reputation. Highly distraught, she jumps into the river above Niagara Falls, over which she is about to be swept to her death when she is spotted by her former sweetheart. He swims out to her, and they climb to safety up a rope ladder hanging from an airplane. The boy and the girl are reconciled, and the charmer is socked in the face. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films".)

NOTES: This feature displays Clara as a flapper. This time she almost ends her plight by a melodramatic fall over Niagara Falls.

(Variety Film Reviews 1921-1925): "...With a good cast, fair production, etc., but obviously skimped in parts, TAS falls into the middle class of pictures and looks best suited for the daily changes."